Strategic Plan Reference

Name Description
Organizational Core Value #1: We believe student success is the primary focus of all our efforts.
Organizational Core Value #2: We believe all people should act with integrity, perform at exemplary levels, and should be held accountable for results.
Organizational Core Value #3: We believe commitment from students, home, school, and community is vital to student success.
Organizational Core Value #4: We believe all students can and should learn and it is our responsibility to provide appropriate opportunities to facilitate that learning.
Organizational Core Value #5: We recognize that students learn in different ways and at different rates, and we will provide for these differences.
Organizational Core Value #6: We believe all people should be treated with diginity and respect.
Organizational Core Value #7: We believe all people have value and worth; we embrace diversity and cultural differences as an asset and strength.
Organizational Core Value #8: We believe that with the right attitude, achievement is unlimited.
Essential Goals and Outcomes #1: All students will meet or exceed grade level standards.
Essential Goals and Outcomes #2: All students will have the essential skills to effectively function in a post-secondary educational setting or the world of work.
Essential Goals and Outcomes #3: All students will become positive, caring, and contributing members of society.
Priorities: Instruction #1: Prioritize the District and site budgets to meet students' needs.
Priorities: Instruction #2: Identify and communicate the essential standards for each subject area at each grade level.
Priorities: Instruction #3: Provide differentiated instruction to meet individual student needs.
Priorities: Instruction #4: Implement on-going benchmark assessments in order to determine student progress towards standards.
Priorities: Instruction #5: Identify and provide assistance and intensive early interventions for students who are not achieving standards.
Priorities: Instruction #6: Address the counseling needs of students.
Priorities: Instruction #7: Encourage lifelong learning by developing alternatives and options to meet the unique interests and needs of students.
Priorities: Instruction #8: Celebrate and recognize student attendance and achievement.
Priorities: Resources/Materials/Equipment #1: Provide facilities, equipment, supplies and materials to enhance student learning.
Priorities: Resources/Materials/Equipment #2: Develop interagency cooperation to deliver assistance and counseling through services currently available in the community.
Priorities: Resources/Materials/Equipment #3: Seek business and agency partnerships to provide real worksite learning activities including internships and apprenticeships.
Priorities: Resources/Materials/Equipment #4: Enhance the District's safety and security programs to ensure a safe and secure environment.
Priorities: Resources/Materials/Equipment #5: Utilize technology to its fullest potential to maximize learning and productivity.
Priorities: Employees #1: Provide the training teachers, support staff, and administrators need to do their jobs effectively.
Priorities: Employees #2: Promote opportunities for all employees to interact with each other and to understand that each employee is essential to the success of our students.
Priorities: Employees #3: Hire employees that embrace the District's core values.
Priorities: Employees #4: Recognize the performance, achievement, and dedication of employees.
Priorities: Communication #1: Seek, support, and encourage open and honest communication.
Priorities: Communication #2: Communicate standards and expectations to students, parents, staff, and community.
Priorities: Communication #3: Build trust with all entities through collaborative relationships, on-going interactions, and positive behaviors.
Priorities: Communication #4: Encourage and promote communication among all levels of education in order to connect programs, services, and curriculum.